About Us

16 years of exceptional clinical care for ageless beauty and skin health


Vanity First Skin Center was established in October of 2008 in Harrison Plaza, the first modern and major shopping mall in the Philippines.  The clinic started with three trained aestheticians and one dedicated doctor. Sharing one vision, this dedicated and passionate team, worked fervently and in record time, their hard work built a solid foundation and reputable image for Vanity First Skin Center.


Utilizing the latest and gold standard technology for each procedure, 0ur treatments are performed and supervised by physicians.  Our well-trained nursing staff, and aestheticians share a passion for excellence, and a commitment to providing the utmost service in professional skin care. At Vanity First Skin Center, we ensure that you get the safest, and most effective aesthetic procedures to enhance your look and improve your life. We treat every patient with compassion, respect and comprehensive personalized skin care. We are always happy to serve you!


By God’s grace, Vanity First steadily grew and after 7 years, expansion was inevitable. Inspired by these blessings, our two very skilled and multi-talented doctors decided to help their fellow doctors develop and cultivate their practice in the aesthetic field:  Dr. Sidney Cu, international speaker and trainer, Dr. Cherry Yap, well-known for her minimally invasive aesthetics and dermatology practice share their knowledge and skills. Doctors are welcome to come and visit Vanity First Farmer’s Plaza Branch in Cubao, Quezon City to get more exposure in the art and science of aesthetic medicine.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Cherry Yap

Dr. Cherry Yap is a doctor of Medicine, with intense focus on Dermatology and extensive experience in minimally invasive aesthetics. With her innate desire to continuously strive for excellence, she never stops enriching her skills by attending international conferences. Today, she is a proud member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and International Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Her more than decade in the industry has become an illustrious example of her dedication, integrity, and most importantly her virtues of maintaining that high caliber of work that she has been known for. Coupled with her innate desire to continuously strive for excellence through honest, compassionate, friendly and sincere patient care, Dr Cherry Yap shall continue to grow and provide the expertise expected of her that her clients rightfully deserve.

Dr. Sidney Cu

Dr. Sidney Cu, a distinguished professional excelling in both dermatology and cosmetic surgery. As a mentor, he imparts invaluable knowledge and offers world-class treatments, alongside exceptional patient care for Vanity First Clients. 💙 With a reputation as a leading authority in non-surgical rejuvenation, Dr. Cu's expertise transcends borders, serving as a faculty member both locally and abroad. His unwavering passion is evident in the incredible results he consistently delivers, a true testament to his dedication and skill.

Vanity first Mission & Vision Statement


To create a better life for men and women by enhancing their natural beauty and inspiring a feeling of self-worth and well being


To be a part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle beauty and skin care

Vanity First Core Values

Customer focus and care
Cleanliness & attention to details
Innovation & Constant improvement
Strive for excellence
Value & respect people
Integrity and keeping commitments

The Four Pillars of Vanity

1. Safety and Security
2. Sanitation and Sterilization
3. Support for continuous learning
4. Service Excellence